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Guest Testimony

Our Satisfied Guest Testimonials :


Assalamualaikum Pn Siti,

Kami semua happy & enjoy trip ke London, Paris Amsterdam dan Brussel.

tour guide, foods semua best. Klo nk travel lagi kami akan cari Mahira :)

TQ Mahira

- Cik Nurul &  Keluarga   ( Trip Europe August 2018 )

My family n I went to North n South island, New Zealand recently under a package offered by Mahira travel. We had an enjoyable and beautiful trip, with breakfast and dinner provided, catered for Muslims which include rice, curry, kebab. Our guide Syafik & his aide were helpful and takes care of us well. Accommodation provided was good. Thank you to Mahira

- Prof. Aida   ( Trip New Zealand July 2018 )


im excited as well to share our experience with this travel agent. when we first wanted to visit perth, my husband bff recommended Mahira Travels and was told they do good service. without hesitation we then signed up perth package last year with them. we took along our aged parents and travelling at the age of 83 and 82 was a little doubtful as we were worried if our tour arrangement wouldnt be suitable for my elderly parents. Alhamdulillah when we were there for 6 days 5 nights , everything was taken care well and they provide us with a 5 star accommodation with full facilities and with good transportation and meals. so this year we decided to travel to turkey with a whole lot of the family of 19 pax. again we are very happy with the arrangement and was even given a free night stay in QATAR in a 5 star hotel. we had good time in turkey, and almost all accommodation was being free upgraded to a 4 and 5 stars. thank you mahira travels and team. we love every arrangement and we appreciate all the effort. turkey tour guide was very professional as well and we didn't hesitate to pay extra for his tipping. inshaAllah will recommend you to our company for next company trip. :)

- Puan Ros Aini    ( Perth Trip 2017  &  Turkey Trip 2018 )


My first experience with Mahira Travel was New Zealand. It was a lovely trip ! They've gone so far to prepare us meals and searched every corners for halal food for us. They trained their guides very well, despite the guides were such at young age. Pn Siti was so nice to upgraded our accom. Everyone had the chance to stay in a luxurious accomodation. Mine was a bungalow in front of Queenstown lake. It was wonderfulll ! The ducks came quacking literally at our front door every morning !

My second experience with Mahira was Egypt, which I went very recently. It was equally lovely. For such price we paid, we are wholesomely satisfied with the service. They always go beyond than what we expected. Mahira always have the best connection with their partnership. Even our guides (freelancing) couldnt believe how our travel agent could give us such low price and great service. Quote; "You must have really good connection, because me as a local, could not get this low price for such excursion". (Abd Halim, our guide who is freelancing with the company) One of many proofs that Mahira has a great connection is when; the minute we arrived in Cairo Airport, we were greeted by a representative of the company from insideeeee the airport. We hadnt reached the customs and immigrations check, but there he was standing holding a laminated A4 paper with our leader's name on it. We were shocked at the fact that this guy could actually welcome us from WITHIN the airport, even BEFORE our immigration checks (Same treatment goes during our flight check-in back to Malaysia). The minute we were in the van, we were welcomed and greeted by the manager of the company himself. He said, quote; "Siti told me specifically to treat you guys like VIPs". And in fact we INDEED treated like VIPs !

- Puan Zabedah  ( Trip New Zealand 2016  & Trip Egypt 2018 )


I travelled with Mahira to NZ 2 years ago & Perth last year. Both trips are great! Their arrangement from start until end was good & in order. In fact NZ was my first trip with them. I was worried at first since i didnt get any recommendation from anyone to use Mahira. I just googled and found them. Alhamdulillah... my trip turned out to be great.. when we’re in South NZ, our accommodation was being upgraded & we stayed at a very stunning resort at Lake Tekapo. Food was a challenged in NZ as there are limited Halal food but Mahira make it easy for us with delicious packed food daily.. Transportsion & tour guidr was good & i had nothing to complaint :) Perth trip was equally awesome! We had our itinerary customized and therefore we’re not able to join d others. But Siti was kind enough to let us stayed in one of her parents bungalow house at no extra charged! It was really a sweet surprise to both of us! Our tour guide, which happened to be Siti’s sister, was a very nice young & soft spoken lady. She drove us around & filled us information about Perth. Although they said ‘Three is a crowd but for us, three is awesome!!’ I enjoyed both trips with Mahira and definitely will travel with them again. For those out there, you have to experience it yourselves to know how good is Mahira

- Ms. Aida  ( New Zealand Trip 2016 Perth Trip 2017 )


Excellent and very friendly  

- Rozan Wanrozan  ( Trip New Zealand , Perth Australia & Spain ) 2017 & 2018


Trip to Perth August 2017, Spain 2017, NZ July 2018. All 3 with good service dan puas hati. Small group with good tour guide and managed well by MAHIRA KL. satisfied with the services provided.

- Ms. Najwa  ( Trip Perth Aug 2017, Trip Spain 2017 & Trip New Zealand July 2018 )


Kami baru pulang dari trip NZ pada 8-16 july 2018 lepas. so far so good....memuaskan dan berbaloi...penginapan terbaik. tour guide dan servis amat baik dari mula kami confirmed sehingga habis tour. Arrangement yang bagus dan kami amat berpuas-hati. InshaAllah bulan Jan kami ke balkan bersama mahira lagi.

- Hj Abd Aziz ( New Zealand Trip July 2018 )


This is our trip with mahira ( cant remember yang ke berapa :) ) bcos we travel often with mahira, Alhamdulillah.

Went to Egypt last April 2018, Hotel soluxe kat Cairo tu besar la biliknya. Mmg berstar2 lah. And the nile cruise. SubhanAllah, Terasa macam minah salleh yg upper class tu. Basking in the sun by the swimming pool with a cool drink in hand :)

Sleeping train tu pun, every coach comes with its own butler. Mak aihh... rasa mewah betul.  TQ Mahira!

- Puan Nazlizah   ( Trip Egypt April 2018 )



Saya dah selamat sampai di Senai. Terima Kasih atas bantuan dan kerjasama yg sangat baik bermula sebelum perjalanan dan selama berada di Balkan. Halalkan jika ada terlebih atau terkurang. TKasih mahira.

- Tuan Hj. Mahmud    ( Trip Balkan April 2018 )


1st time with Mahira Travels ... Everything promised by the Mahira, all thanks alhamdulillah well done. Yg pling satisfied heart .. at Twizel .. kmi gradually upgraded to apartment apartment 6blk big. Smua attractions view very very beautiful especially in Lake Tekapo .. Tpi little lack of food, because halal food that is limited to ttpi is ready to be informed and kmi sdahh prepare food pack Brahim's and maggie hehehe .... recommended ... next time brcdang to Balkan plak dng Mahira huhuhuhu ... :)

- ilovetravel   (  New Zealand trip April 2018 )


Assalamualaikum, Kami semua telah selamat kembali ke KL malam tadi. Alhamdulillah percutian kami di Lombok semuanya berjalan lancer dan selamat. Kami semua berpuas-hati dengan program dan lawatan. Terima Kasih Mahira Travel. InshaAllah temui kami di trip Spain pula.

- Dato Kadir & rombongan 20 ahli    ( Trip Lombok Februari 2018 )


Assalamualaikum Siti,

Alhamdulillah syukur dua2 pihak happy. Semoga murah rezeki boleh kerja-sama lagi dimasa akan dating InsyaAllah. Tkasih banyak Mahira Travels

- Puan Suhaini    ( New Zealand Trip  Februari 2018 )


Assalam, Both trip enjoyable. Terima Kasih

- Dr Rabiah   ( Perth Trip Oct 2017  &  London Scotland Trip Feb 2018 )


Dear Pn Siti & mahira team, Thank You. And again thank you so much for upgrading most of our accommodation for free.. It was amazing. Alhamdulillah. Great journey, wonderful holidays

- Cik Iryani and family            ( North and South Island    New Zealand  Oct  2017 )


Assalamualaikum Siti & Mahira. Terima Kasih for everything. We enjoyed the entire trip very much. Really hoping to see u guys again in the future,

in shaa Allah. the entire family enjoyed the trip & it was awesome

- Puan Shireen on behalf of Dato' Azhar & family  (  Balkans & Greece Trip August 2017 )


Alhamdulillah akak dan suami ok, happy..we enjoyed the holiday.awesome :)

-Puan Aziah & Suami   ( New Zealand trip January 2017 )


Tq for everything ye siti. We all enjoyed the tour and arrangement

- Datin Haslinda   ( London & Ireland  trip Dec 2016 )


Salam. Hi Siti!

Happy New Year! Tqvm for the wonderful holiday in NZ! My kids just cannot stop talking about it. Haha! Depa kata best3x! Siti dah buat depa nak migrate ke NZ la pulak...aduiii...ok siti tqvm again!! :)) :)  tq mahira travels... we will continue using ur service..

- Puan Anisuriaty and family  ( New Zealand trip December 2016 )


Tq byk2 siti.

mesti puas siti adjust yg terbaik utk akak n family kan? Tqvm

overall mmg terbaik la perkhidmatan siti berbaloi dgn harga yg kami bayar. Sgt puas hati

- Puan Hazlizah dan keluarga   ( New Zealand trip December 2016 )


Salam Siti..

K zah ni wakil utk rakan2 (Sabariah Abdullah, Nurul Akma Ariffin)& suami(Ab Aziz Awang).. kami ber5    Tq for d great trip to kat NZ dan KL office are very helpful, especially...we all like it and enyoyed. Tq again

- Pn Wan Azizah   ( New Zealand trip Dec 2016 )


You dah pun tried your best to look for alternative. Mana nak sangka rezeki kita sampai nz ni la dapat gempa bumi :)  :)

Kita sangat bersyukur. Tqvm dear. accommodation pun sggggtttt selesa. Upgrade lg :)

Mak oi view fr the house is subhanallah magnificent. Tqvm for the cruise. Cantik view though it was drizzling. Enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed. Penat tp wonderful experience. Again Tqvm for all the arrangements made to cater to our comfort. Its the little things that count Tqvm again ( countless tqvm ) for the wonderful trip. Hope to meet you one day soon to give you a proper hug :) :) :)

- Puan Nazlizah & family   ( New Zealand trip November 2016 )


Tqvm Siti & family di atas layanan tu kami disana..

Insyaallah kalau ada yg nak kesana boleh saya syorkan Mahira Travel...Terbaik.

- Puan Norliah & Felcra Group  ( Perth Australia trip November 2016 )


Assalam Siti. Nak tanya, pakej Mahira Travel ke Balkan berapa harga, berapa hari malam? Saya balik esok

Enjoy sgt disini. Semuanya best tkasih mahira Malaysia and Australia. Puas kami di bawa ke situ ke sini...  heheheh best best

- Tuan Hj. Fuad   ( Perth trip Nov 2016 )


Cik siti...

apa pun kami happy dgn rumah tu... memang beautiful dan sgt selesa..n enjoy our trip..till we meet again...tq..

Saya pun dah rekemen kat kawan2..

- Puan Baiyah and family   ( Perth Australia  trip November 2016 )


Salam siti,

Akak just nak say Thank You so much for the recent NZ trip arrangement. Me & sis had so much fun & enjoyed to our max!! Eventhough Akak knew Mahira from Google & bloggers :) and was a bit worried at first but Alhamdulillah we're glad that we chose you!!  We're so happy with the excellent and comfortable accommodations, flexible tour guide & meals yang tak pernah dilupakan :) thanks sis!!

Thank You also for your patient melayan kerenah & telatah everyone in our group. It's not an easy job though but you managed it well!! Thumbs up!!

In sya Allah, after this we will have more trips together as Mahira dah jadi my fav travel agent :) And surely I will recommend Mahira to families, friends & colleagues.

Again, thank you for the great trip arrangement and for making our first trip with Mahira a memorable and enjoyable experience  :)

-  Kak Aida   ( New Zealand trip  Oct 2016 )


Alhamdulillah...:) thanks mahira travels, to Kamal dan Rosie (team mahira)..memang terlalu best..highly recommended.

 Thanks to Mahira Travel..we had an awesome travel :) :)

- Puan Zaai ( New Zealand trip October 2016 )


Wsalam siti..Alhamdulillah tgh check-in skrg ni. Ujan kat Auckland..

Semua OK moga siti dan mahira sukses n akak bangga org2 kita da maju..siti salah sorg..nak keje la dgn siti. hihihi

Don't worry akak dan abag suka sgt travel dgn dan arrangement mmg mantap..nanti kalu siti cuti dtg la kt kebun akak ada chalet n air terjun. Ok good luck siti dan mahira dan semua team warga kerja. Keep it up the good work!

- Datin Salmiah & Suami  ( New Zealand trip October 2016 )


Assalamualaikum azim & siti.

Tkasih atas arrangement yg mantap dr pihak mahira travels. Kami enjoy Balkan trip ni...banyak improvement dr trip Spain tahun lepas...Syabas

- Puan Hjh Aminah & Suami   ( Balkan trip  August 2016 )


Kami dah selesai drop bags.. tkasih sekali lagi..

Tahniah atas pengurusan puan dan en azim n syarikat mahira kpd kami semua, kami semua amat berpuas-hati. Tahniah sekali lagi. Selamat maju jaya dan kami doakan mahira travel terus maju amin!!

- Tuan Hj Sulaiman   ( Balkan trip August 2016 )



Kami sekeluarga berpuas-hati dgn services from mahira. Terima Kasih dari kami sekeluarga

- En. Iznie dan keluarga  ( Perth Australia trip July 2016 ) 


Assalamualaikum Siti... Akak baru je hantar anak lek ukm terus dari airport singgah RnR nilai...Alhamdulillah semua selamat sampai dah..t.kasih siti dan mahira...dah aturkan percutian kami dengan baik sekali...insyaallah jika ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi ye...

- Puan Masitah keluarga SUK Negeri Sembilan  ( Sydney, Australia trip July 2016 )


Dah sampai airport.. tq siti for arrangement..penginapan..insyaAllah will contact for further holiday in future

- Dr Maz    ( Perth trip  June 2016 )


Salam suboh siti.

Akak dah dpt feedback dari peserta2 Sapporo..

Mereka berpuas hati dgn arrangement trip ni..    Hotel pun bagus ada ruang. Biasa hotel di jepun dan korea kecil-kecil :) :)

Semua orang enjoy food ramen halal. Last dinner ( barbeque ). Last lunch ( sop ketam dgn ikan bakar )

- Puan Zabedah  ( Japan trip April 2016 )

Saya sgt2 berterima-kasih kpd semua peserta2 trip kita ke Sapporo lebih lebih lagi pada Puan Zabedah (group leader) dan Mahira Travels. We really enjoyed your company. Saya betul2 enjoy makanan halal yg kita makan dan tempat2 yg kami lawati. Kalau ada ruang di lain waktu dan tempat, bolehlah kita bersama-sama lagi.

- Peserta trip Sapporo ( April 2016 )


Assalamualaikum Siti & Azim. Acik nak ucapkan byk2 terima kasih atas percutian London Amsterdam acik ni. Enjoy sgt. Tak tau nak ckp mcmana. Tahun 2015 acik ikut azim & siti ke trip New Zealand. Pun best sgt. Tu yg ikut ke London & Amsterdam ni. Lepas ni Balkan ye. Peluk cium utk nissa , khairul & zara. Semoga maju jaya mahira travel !

- Cik Roziah   ( London & Amsterdam trip April 2016 )


Kami hepi & enjoy sgt. Siap dah upload2 fb lagi. Ramai yg jelesss :) hahahah tqtq. Scenery and accommodation in Queenstown superb. Thks again!

- Jakel family  ( New Zealand trip February 2016 )


Assalam hanya nak maklumkan kami dah selamat sampai di PD pada 3.30pm tadi. Thanks so much to Mahira. Tq Tq Tq. We enjoyed the trip with the kindness of your whole team mahira. Tqvm

-Puan Salwa, Suami & family  ( Perth Australia trip February 2016 )


Tkasih Mahira .. uruskan trip Maldives kami. Best dan menarik pulau ni. mcm syurga dunia :))

- En. Yunus dan keluarga  (  Maldives trip February 2016 )


Kami berpuas hati semuanya..layanan dari mahira...masakan sedap..rumah selesa..nak dating lagiiii

- Cikgu Ma dan kawan2  ( Perth Australia trip February 2016 )


Dear Mahira Travels

We thank you for all the great arrangement for our company trip altho there were so many times we request for changing plans :) :)

sorry for the hiccups BUT we would like to thank your excellent team for all the great arrangement and activities for us

We enjoy every moment here!!! :))


- Sapura Kencana Oil & Gas  ( Company Trip   Bali January 2016 )

Alhamdulillah we were very impressed of what you both have put the effort into the trip. Both of you treated us like uncle and aunty. My recommendation is mainly based on merit and to me, you and azim have rendered the most satisfactory services and I thank you both for that.

Please send our warmest salam pada anakanda azim :)

- Tuan Haji Ahmad & Puan Hajjah Rabtah  April 2016

Salam.terima kasih azim dan siti. Acik seronok sgt ikut trip mahira. Alhamdulillah makan semua sgt ok. Apr 2016 acik ikut ke london + amsterdam ya inshaAllah
-Puan Roziah dec 2015

Assalamualaikum, buat azim dan siti, tkasih tidak terhingga kerana trip yg sangat menarik. Makanan kari ayam home cooked pun sgt sedap. Syukur alhamdulillah. Kalau ada trip capetown atau scandinavia ..pls invite aunty ya :-)

-Aunty Zabedah , dec 2015

Thank you siti for the suprise honeymoon arrangement for us . Hahaha tour guide yg bagus dan penyabar. Typical Malaysian!

-En che Arrifin, nov 2015

Dear siti and en azim, thank you for the great roadtrip. We enjoyed very much!
- Mrs Sze  august 2015

Tkasih mahira travels. Alhamdulillah kami sangat berpuas hati. Semuanya baik dan lengkap. Next trip europe!! InshaAllah
- Maryam & Salihah august 2015

Assalamualaikum dik, akak syukur sgt2 kenal dengan mahira travels ni. Alhamdulillah akak sekeluarga had the most wonderful time sini. The mpv and hotels yg dibooked kan had very great view. Surely will use your company again!!!

- Kak Natasha Ali & family  june 2015

Tq for all the arrangement.everything was just as good as it was. Couldnt be better. Tq for all the driving tips thru out the journey.
-  En Mahmud & family april 2015

Tkasih.we had good time and great experience. Thank you to your experienced and patient tour guide. Thumb up!
- Puan Aspalela arrifin & family  April 2015

Assalam. Tkasih pada team mahira atas semua well arrangement dan tips2 penggunaan motorhome. Tkasih tempahkan holiday park yang selesa dan selamat. Juga terima kasih atas segalanya termasuk la full intinerary dan tips perjalanan yang sangat berguna. Tkasih team mahira!!! Lepas ni guna khidmat mahira shj!

- Tuan hj Abd Razak & family, march 2015

Salam Siti, we are already back home safely Alhamdulillah. It’s a wonderful stay in Riverton. The house is really Good.just that not enough time to go around. Perhaps some other time we might come again.!
-  PN Noraini & Family, Feb 2015

Salam Siti. We would like to express our warmest gratitude for your hospitality,sangat puas hati.thank you
- Puan Aziah & daughter Feb 2015

Salam Kak Siti, Thank you for everything. We appreciate it very much. We enjoyed ourselves very much
- Nurul and Family, Dec 2014

Hi siti thanks for everything. The Cockburn house is really lovely and nice. We enjoyed our stay very much
- Pn Shaniza, Feb 2015

-Salam sis..kami semua sudah selamat sampai sabah.. terima kasih atas semua nya.. inshaAllah mahu next trip lagi
- Pn Reita, March 2014

Assalamualaikum . Saya dan keluarga mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Siti dan Keluarga diatas layanan dan tempat selesa buat kami. Semoga Allah membalasnya dengan rezeki yang limpah ruah buat kamu & family Aminnnn..sampaikan salam kami pada semua ..mahira dan management nya
- Brother Omar Zamri, August 2014

Salam Sis Siti, thank you so much for everything. Rumah very nice dan best! We enjoyed our stay so much
-Ismah, Feb 2015

Salam Sr Siti. Alhamdulillah we enjoyed our self very well.. good service, food, tour, tour manager and of course very nice house MashaAllah. Appreciate the services which was render by your company. Thumbs up!
- Brother Zulkipli, Nov 2014

Salam Siti.. we all firstly nak ucapkan terima kasih byk2 byk for the best service. Makan pun sedap sgt.. and big portion for a small eater like us  macamana pun kami sekeluarga bersyukur dengan semuanya and we did the right choice Alhamdulillah. Akak dah recommendkan your company to my friends..  thank you
- Pn Rozi, January 2015

Salam dik. Tq byk2 tau..selesa rumah you all di Cloverdale. Kami semua very happy.dkt dengan city  harga pun very affordable. Thank you ya dan akak hapy sgt jumpa org yang bisnes sejujur kamu! All the best dear
- Pn Rina , Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum Cik Siti, syukur Alhamdulillah semuanya da selamat.. terima kasih pada you, your family and all your staffs yang tried their very best utk pastikan keselesaan kami. Syukur. Kami dlm group 18 org semua puas hati. Tour pun selesa dan menarik.
- Hjh Rohanee , Dec 2014

Salam Siti, syukur me and kakak very happy with all the arrangement , your car rental, your home. Memang bagus. Proud to see a Malaysian muslim succeed di negara orang. Keep it up Brother
-Md Seth, August 2014

Salam Siti..YA Allah tak tahu lah nak ckp mcmana.. terlampau best dengan you all ni. Your canningvale house, food ( huhu very delicious mashaAllah), tour, service, arrangement , package...semua lah very nice. Thumb up dik.. bangga kami dengan you all 
- Pn Anisuriaty, Dec 2014

Salam. Thank you for everything. Akak and family enjoyed ourself very much. Interesting and nice tour. Well arranged. Thanks dear
-Pn Hazalina Nov 2014

Salam Siti. Aunty nak ucapkan byk byk tqqq to you and your staffs yang very helpful, well trained, well conduct in tour and very sportinggg.. aunty and family really enjoyed! inshaAllah next trip to other country ya! Thank you very much my dear!
- Pn Siti Hajar, Nov 2014

Salam Siti. Thank you for everything. Kami sekeluarga very happy and appreciate all the effort you and your staff has done. Nice tour..
macam family je  thanks
-Pn Fazlinda dan keluarga Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum Dear Siti,kami nak thank you for everything. Seronok dapat berjumpa dgn family you..mashAllah low profile je. We all enjoyed the stay, car rental semua very good. Pls send our salam to your family.
- Pn Habsah on behalf of Dato’ Abu Bakar, Dec 2014

Assalamualaikum Sitiiiiiii cantiknya rumah...besar dan exclusive..tak tahu nak cakap punya la seronokkk.. tqqq sgt sgt ya. Tour pun bestttt.. kami semua puas hati
- Pn Normala, Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum Pn Siti. Kami sekumpulan nak ucapakan ribuan terima kasih atas segala arrangement dari segi pernginapan, kenderaaan sewa, tour and itinerary yg diberikan . semuanya sgt baik. Terima kasih saya ucapkan pd Tn Hj yg byk membantu
- Cikgu Suhimi, June 2014

Salam Pn Siti Thank you for everything. My parents, my family semua very happy. Good tour. Good house. Good service!
- Br.Hafiz July 2014

Salam we all would like to thank your dad for the warmest hospitality..everything is so good. Thanks
- Pn Aznita Dec 2014

Kak siti..terima kasih kakkk nisa dan family love semuanya. Thank you
- Khairunnissa  Nov 2014

Hi Siti. Thank you ..kami semua puas hati. Car rental pun baru...selesa and nice 
- Pn Farah Nov 2014

Hi sis..tqqqqqqq for everything. Nice Belmont home. Good car rental and service. Will surely recommend to others
- Pn Alwiyah, Singapore June 2014

Salam Sis Rumah, kereta sewa semua ok. Rumah memang vip habisss! Thank you
- Brother Mahazhir, Oct 2014

Salam..aunty nak ucapkan terima kasih pada hj dan all of you for very good hospitality and holiday home. Memang par with a 4-5* hotel. Good! Very good!
- Hjh Nazlizah, Nov 2014    

Salam, we enjoyed our stay in the lovely home canningvale. Thank u for the complimentary meals and very friendly and helpful owner. Every was in order and house is very well fully furnished. Certainly will recommend to friends and family

- Mdm Sharifah Al-junid 2011


We stayed in the Riverton holiday home for 3 weeks in April and the house is fully equipped with everything you need for a short term rental. It is a large house with secure garden and nice alfresco area. It is conveniently located with park/playground, shopping centre, swimming pool and library all within walking distance. The owners were very helpful and friendly and provided us with a car for three weeks to use for free with only comprehensive insurance to pay. 

 - P & L Harris, April 2012


Clean,comfortable , beautiful well equipped holiday bungalow. Almost everything provided with an affordable rate. The owner very helpful and welcoming. Will definitely recommend to friends and family

- Samsiah A Karim , Malaysia June 2012


We stayed here for a week and location is good near amenities. Holiday home user friendly for both kids and elder people with disable conditions. Comfortable beds. Clean and well maintained. Owner put many efforts to make sure we enjoyed our stay. 5* service and most important, value for you money

- Jamilah Begum , August 2011

Big yard with beautiful settings, comfy beds and pillows. Very friendly and welcoming owners. They provided us with complimentary delicious dinners. House was beautifully set up with facilities. Alhamdulillah we enjoyed our 8 days stay. Thumb up for the excellent service and home.

- Aisha Ansary , New Jersey USA Nov 2013

Thank you so much, for making our visit to Perth the most memorable and wonderful holiday.The services were excellent, the house where we stayed is beautiful, spacious and comfortable.  Furthermore the location is very near to the beach where we took this opportunity to spent our time fishing at the nearby jetty. The food that were served daily were excellent. Although it was summer, but the air were windy and cold .  It was a great experience. Your brand new rental car had enabled us to explore Perth, thanks to the GPS that was equipped in the car.  We found it so easy to locate Perth's interesting places. We are very impressed, we found Perth to be beautiful on the website and also in real life.Thank you also for the friendly and warm welcome.  Till we meet again.   Five star to Mahira Holiday Homes.  I will surely recommend MHH to all my family and friends. 

- From Noraini and Family, November 2013

Salam cik siti, rumah sangat besar dan selesa, servis tip top ,memang puas hati. Tq so much dear, jasa mu di kenang

- Hasliza , January 2014


Salam Sis Siti, thank u for everything, we enjoyed our stay in perth. Thanks to your dad who is very very helpful and a nice person.

- Aishah Prof Dr ARA, January 2014


Salam siti, wow dik, bestnya rumah cockburn. Semua ada. Rasa mcm tak cukup je stay 4 hari disana. Thank u very much. All of us here are very happy. Your dad and your sis baiknya just like u. Terbaik la u all dik . thanks for the fruits and meal. Ya Allah tak sangkanya.  we arrived home safely, really enjoyed everything. Thank you very much for helping me with the trip .puas hati dan semua best. Thumbs up!

- Sarah Abd Wahab , jan 2014


Salam, Alhamdulillah so far so good. All in orders. Thanks for everything

- Intan Syafinaz , Jan  2014

Salam siti, we had a very pleasant stay in perth and your family was very kind and helpful as you were with us too. Thanks for making our holiday a memorable one. Will durely recommend to friends and families.

- Yahya Noordin , Qatar 2013


Salam siti. Alhamdulillah kita semua dah selamat sampai.
Aunty dan rombongan mengucapkan terima kasih atas layanan. Dia orang semua puas hati. Rumah cantik dan selesa.

- Pn. Laila Jaafar , April 2014

 Salam siti,

 Kami sekeluarga dah selamat sampai kl, tq so much for everything . memang puas hati sangat. Kalau ada rezeki nak ke perth lagi!! ni sampai sekarang masih mimpikan perth dan tak habis bercerita pasal perth !

- Pn Siti Faizah, March 2014

Assalamualaikum, firstly syukur we went on NZ trip with your company. everything was well organized and all of us are happy with the service provided. highly recommended!

- Dato' Hamzah Mohd Ali & family , June 2014

salam Siti. thank you for the well planned itinerary and arrangement for us. accommodation memang superb and very clean dan selesa,spacious. transport pun bagus. insyaAllah soon we want to visit south island pulak. we will surely recommend to friends .

- Nik Salina Nik Muhammad, July 2014

salam dear, thank you for all the arrangement. akak dan family really enjoyed. sempat sembahyang raya di sydney before sampai christchurch MashaAllah. Itenarary, penginapan, transport memang best. arrangement pun very well done. seronok sangat! we all memang akan recommend kan your service to others.

- Pn Rasidah Salleh, July 2014

Thank you so much, we enjoyed our family-like trip to new Zealand. inshaAllah next trip to Switzerland !

- Dato' Abdullah Sibil and Datin Rusnah, August 2014

Alhamdulillah, thank you very much. we were amazed with this new Zealand road trip and package. such a  a beautiful road trip and best service !

- Tn Hj Saadon & Hjh Rokiah, August 2014

MasyaAllah Thank you siti for everything. we appreciate your best service. will look no other service anymore. :)

- Pn Mariam & Family, August 2014

Salam Sis, tq byk byk ye for everything. kami memang ikut je semua yg sis bg dlm full itinerary dan info pack.alhamdulillah memang puas hati sgt.penginapan pun kelasss. seronok dpt jalan whole family..thank u again.inshaAllah next trip soon!

- Pn Nik, Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum Siti, we have safely reached kl. thank you for everything. we all had fun and enjoyed our vacation in New Zealand :)

- Pn Leen Ahmad & family, Nov 2014

Salam Siti, tq sooo much for the nice and memorable new Zealand trip. makan pun sedap. thumb up! next trip, Europe ok!

- Mr Muhd Aiman Ahmad & family, Nov 2014

Assalamualaikum Siti & Azim. akak & abg ucapkan terima kasih byk2. best betul trip kali ni. memang terasa macam being guided by own family je :) soooo nice and sweet :) thank you dik.. inshaAllah will surely go with u all lagi lepas ni :)

- Kak Habibah & Abg Hasnan, Nov 2014


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